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MSA elections

I just wanted to let you know that polls are currently open to vote in the MSA elections. (What's MSA? MSA stands for Michigan Student Assembly... the central student government. It is comprised of students from every school and college trying to improve campus life.)

Don't you want to decide who you want representing you? I'm asking you to vote for someone who can work to make this campus better and to get your voice heard. Just vote! It only takes 30 seconds. Thanks!

November 8 - 9
Open Polling Period
The fall student government election period will be 48 hours long, starting at midnight on the 8th, and continuing until 11:59:59 on the 9th.


PS. Sorry for the "spam" but I just want the students to take an active role in voting. It's not cool to have a group of 18-24 year olds representing like 9% of the student body. It's not good that we care so little about our school government...
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