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Off-campus housing

Hi everyone! My husband and I are planning on moving to Michigan in July. He'll be working at UofM and I'd like to take classes at WCC, so we'd like to find a place near both schools. I've never been to Michigan before so I'm not sure what areas to look into. And since I've never been to Michigan before, I have a ton of questions that I'd really appreciate your help on:

1) Are there any specific areas of town (or any other cities) you can recommend near UofM and WCC? We're looking for a 2-bedroom apartment in a quiet building (away from frat houses and undergraduate party buildings).

2) I'm finding tons of listings on craigslist for apartments in Ypsilanti (on Golfside Road and Glencoe Hills). Is that a good area?

3) Do 2-bedroom apartments typically come with two parking spaces? Sorry if that sounds dumb, but parking is crazy in Los Angeles and it's difficult to find a place here that comes with more than one parking spot.

4) How much do you typically pay for heat each month during winter? And how much do you typically pay for leaving the air conditioning on in the hotter months? Haha, could it be any more obvious that I'm from California?

Thanks in advance for any ideas/recommendations!!
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