Uh, I'll think of one later... (ly1ng_from_you) wrote in umstudents,
Uh, I'll think of one later...

McKinley properties?


I looked through the memories and did some googling, but didn't get anything as conclusive as I would have liked. How is McKinley? My boyfriend and I are planning on signing a lease with them tomorrow at their Medical Center Complex on Maiden Lane. The apartment looked pretty nice, and was far cleaner than any of the places in the student ghettos that we've looked at.

The few results that did turn up on google seemed pretty negative (car jackings, theft; evidently Maiden Lane is Ann Arbor's vehicular crime den?) ... can anyone give me any other input/reassure me that my car is not going to be vandalized? I currently live in a mold-filled shithole maintained by Dale Newman (the front stair evidently also just broke), so we're thinking that at least it's better than here, but now I'm kind of nervous.

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