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Attempting to figure out my Fall 09 schedule

Every year I get overwhelmed by the amount of courses that sound like they could be amazing. This year it was all English courses that caught my eye (besides I want to get through these requirements asap!) and now I'm trying to get my schedule arranged so I don't have to go to a million classes the first week for nothing. Plus a couple of them overlap and I don't want to get dropped from a great class because I'm sitting in a boring one.

Anyways, to make a short story long, does anyone know anything about any of the courses below or the professors who teach them (especially the first two)?

ENGLISH 473 - Topics in American Literature with Makman
ENGLISH 464 - Studies in Individual Authors: Virginia Woolf with Zemgulys
ENGLISH 305 - Introduction to the English Language with Curzan
ENGLISH 315 - Women and Literature: Desperate Literary Housewives with Mesle
ENGLISH 317 - Literature and Culture: Contemporary Political Fiction with Ganeshananthan
ENGLISH 325 - Art of the Essay with Hinkin
ENGLISH 331 - Film Genres and Types: American Musical with Bauland

Thanks in advance!
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