Sara (sarabella) wrote in umstudents,

"Origin of Species" copies w/ free 50 pages of toilet paper

Has anyone actually seen someone handing out copies? U-M is apparently one of the schools being targeted by their campaign (a campaign to circulate copies of The Origin of Species with Ray Comfort's introduction).

FYI, I haven't read the introduction yet - don't know how bad it is, only heard about it. I'm out in Kalamazoo right now until December, far away from campus and all of the superfun activity there... so I'm just wondering if anyone's seen it being handed out. Just curious!

The National Center for Science Education has put together a campaign to counter-campaign which might be helpful for those who were interested.

EDIT: If you don't know what it is, it's a copy of the Origin of Species with a creationist/intelligent design introduction by Ray Comfort, which would be kinda like having Richard Dawkins writing an intro to the bible, but dumber.
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