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Attempting to figure out my Fall 09 schedule

Every year I get overwhelmed by the amount of courses that sound like they could be amazing. This year it was all English courses that caught my eye (besides I want to get through these requirements asap!) and now I'm trying to get my schedule arranged so I don't have to go to a million classes the first week for nothing. Plus a couple of them overlap and I don't want to get dropped from a great class because I'm sitting in a boring one.

Anyways, to make a short story long, does anyone know anything about any of the courses below or the professors who teach them (especially the first two)?

ENGLISH 473 - Topics in American Literature with Makman
ENGLISH 464 - Studies in Individual Authors: Virginia Woolf with Zemgulys
ENGLISH 305 - Introduction to the English Language with Curzan
ENGLISH 315 - Women and Literature: Desperate Literary Housewives with Mesle
ENGLISH 317 - Literature and Culture: Contemporary Political Fiction with Ganeshananthan
ENGLISH 325 - Art of the Essay with Hinkin
ENGLISH 331 - Film Genres and Types: American Musical with Bauland

Thanks in advance!
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I'm taking 317 with Ganeshananthan. She is a novelist and, I think, usually a lecturer at Harvard, but is teaching at umich for the semester or year. It looks like a fun class, from the book list.
Thanks for commenting. This makes the class sound even more appealing :D
I didn't have any of these professors, but I did take a section of 331 and it was a lot of fun and a bit of a change from reading (which was only nice because I was taking 3 more traditional English classes that semester). That's all I have, though, sorry I can't be of more help.
That's actually really helpful. A course centered around movies might be a bit of a sigh of relief in between all of the reading I'll be doing this semester. Thanks for giving me something to think about!
I'm taking 473, you should take it with me!!!!!! ^_^ I commented here earlier this year and asked about Makman and everyone who commented said she's really cool. I'll try to find the post...
You're taking it? Awesome! That's one of the classes I was really debating between (since it's at the same time as Virginia Woolf), but I can always take a class with Zemgulys some other semester :D
Here's the post:

You should totally take it! She already posted the syllabus and I can send it to you if you'd like.
That link only complicated my life further! haha How jealous am I that last fall I didn't take the English 417 Fantasies in Childhood Literature course that fedzgurl91 mentioned in her reply :( Apparently Makman is teaching it again this semester, but at the same time as the Contemporary Political Fiction course I'm in. Hmm, decisions decisions.

I emailed her about 473 (since I'm like 7th on the waitlist or something) and she claims it only appears like there are that many people ahead of me and that I'd have a spot in the class if I want it, so fingers crossed! She also sent me the syllabus, which looks pretty great, but thank you <3
Ahhh yeah I really want to take her English 417 class too. The advisory prereq says 'senior English concentrators' though. The woes of being a junior D:

Hope to see ya on the first day of class! We can talk about our failed UMLJ :( haha
Oh, I didn't even notice that. Well then it looks like there isn't an extra decision to make after all :D

I do feel bad about UMLJ, but maybe (if we aren't being killed by reading this semester) we could start it up again haha Who knows, maybe it was impossible to get everyone together because there were too many schedules to coordinate and this semester will be different!
Those advisory prereqs usually don't mean too much. They also go by number of credits, not by number of years at U-M, so if you've accumulated enough credits--through taking a lot of classes, through transferring in AP credits, etc.--to have senior standing, you'll be all set.
Good to know. Thanks :D
i had modern novels (which included woolf) with zemgulys and although shes a little crazy-peculiar, i found her helpful and interesting in terms of understanding the lit. she lets you run with your ideas (however weird they are), but still manages to keep you in check. sooo...i'd totally take it. woolf would be a great author to study in depth anyways.
Yeah, I've heard from a couple people now that Zemgulys is definitely a little unique, but in a good way. Thanks for the help :D
I've heard Makman is good even though I've never had a class w/ her.
Thanks for replying :D I couldn't find much info on Makman, so I'm glad to hear she's good.
Curzan is awesome--anything with her is great. 305 is definitely not focused on literature and more on language, grammar, and linguistics...I really enjoyed the class. The reading is mostly from her textbook "How English Works" so it's usually a chapter or two a week with textbook assignments, not novel reading. Great class for grammar junkies or if you want to think about language rather than analyzing literature.
Damn, that sounds like something I would have loved. I never even heard of that class.
That's sort of what I thought it might be like. I heard it was a departure from the typical novel stuff, but there was definitely a lot of busy work involved. Thanks for the info!
Desperate Literary Housewives? Sounds like a must to me!
I thought the same thing :D